Dear mum and dad


Dear mum and dad


I am really interested about democracy I know things about democracy like monarchy federation  and more
If you know anything about democracy that you think I don’t know about I am more than happy to hear about it.
federation is when a bunch of states come together and make a country like U.S.A.
I have a question Are farmers citizens? If you know that would be great.

100WC- Ladder, Goldfish, Flew, Brown and Slowly


There he was a guy called Luke staring out his window with his brown hair and blue eyes.
He was really sad as his goldfish had just died, all he felt in the inside was sadness.
He saw his dad climb up the ladder and tried to fly.
His dad liked how birds flew and he wanted to prove that he could too.
Luke got up and slowly walked to his room, sat on his bed and tried to stop thinking about all the bad thoughts.
He saw his brother go to his dad and i thought he would tell him to stop but he tried to fly too.

(of flying and sadness mostly flying)

BTN- Australia day


Important/Interesting FACTS-green

KEY words-red

EVENTS/what happened?-blue  

YOUR idea/connections-what do you think?-yellow 

SUMMARY-1 sentence that says what its all about/what the author wanted you know-black


Australia day is on January 26. 
Its a public Holiday.
Its celebrating the first fleets arrival.

Arrival, celebrating, public, holiday, fleets and January.

Someone talking about when Australia day is when the first fleet arrived Jan 26 1788 and know the sports and aboriginals.

I think its a fun day to celebrate and have lots of fun with your family.


 Its about Australia day when the first fleet arrived.
Whats the meaning of Australia.






Hi, my name is Byron for those of you that do not already know me.

I would like to be SRC because I am a good listener and will listen to what others have to say.

I believe am a caring and helpful person.

I will try to make the school a better place for everyone.

I will ask for other people’s opinions and ideas on subjects too and not just think for some.






What I want to learn:


  • I would like to learn about space because it is interesting to know what happens up there.


  • Coding because it is fun and challenging to do.


  •  Natural disasters because it is interesting how all that works and how it starts.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  • Research about Space and Disasters.


  • Practise Coding.


  • Ask people who knows this stuff.



How I learn and behave:


  • Do the right thing on the computer.


  • I would like to learn in an interesting and fun way.


  • I would like to learn more on computers like cyber safety and coding.



List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:



  • Do homework on my computer and do not be silly.


  • Pay attention to the teacher when he is talking.


  • Research on coding  and use my computer more.







Democracy, Monarchy and Dictatorship.

Democracy is two words put together in Greece demos meant people and Kratos meant power and rule.
They did not let the girls, slaves or too poor people vote.
But not all countries have democracy there are some like dictatorship and monarchy.

Monarchy means they are born royal and have the power over everyone.
Dictatorship means they have power over the people but aren’t royal.
Australia is lucky because we have a say in things.







Cape town is in SOUTH AFRICA.

There has not been alot of rain.

People have been only allowed 50 litres a day since Feb 1st.


Water is so low that the city is at risk to run out.

Authorities say that the taps could be turned off at June 4th and they’re calling that day zero.

The water may run out.

If day zero does come then people will only get 25 litres a day.




Luke is a werewolf he is looking for his third relic to free his parents to the human world.  He is with to friends a vampire and a mummy they are looking for the next relic the heart of a mummy they have a book a talking book that tells them clues about the relics.

There are two people trying to stop them on the way sir Otto Sneer and Dixen. His friends names are Resus Negative and Cleo Farr there  basically offering there lives for Luke. Because his parents are dyeing of fright.


100 word challenge (The Wood Ninja)😎


The wood ninja, we dont know why they’re back.😬 There has been no trouble. They haven’t been here in sooo long why are they here this time? They’re acting diffrent, i think they’re training but for what?😨

I have a feeling something bad will happen.😰😭

BOOM! Thunder just came from out of nowhere then for one split second red eyes were in the clouds😈 then zombies👽💀 just started rising from the ground.😖😱🤯 I felt scared then the Wood Ninja jumped out of nowhere and attacked the zombies, we didnt win but at least some of our souls were free.




100wc (we were moving very fast when)


…we were moving very fast when …

I had such a boring life, I had nothing to do but watch my sister play with her dolls. One day my Mum said we were going to the fair it sounded fun but I did not know. When we were at the fair we played some games and it was better than fun! But my dad said “wait if u think thats fun then lets go on the rollercoster!” My sister said “whats that?” then i said “something fun!”

We went on the rollercoster, we went slow then fast then slow then we were moving very fast when we went down the big drop. Sometimes life isnt boring.