100 word challenge-the tiger blocked our escape


we were running for our lives i was surrounded by.

Before he could say anything the camera went black and restarted the video.

It started at for boys laying a game in the basement the lights started flickering and it all went dark. there was something banging on the wall then we all woke up in the most darkest place ever there was nothing but black and us then a thing came out of no were and trend into a animal.

we were in our room now but there was still banging on the wall and a tiger jumped out of the wall and the tiger blocked our escape.

we were running for our lives i was surrounded by.

the video went black.


Transition session 1-100wc


we where camping i was in my bunker it was a hug mess and we don’t know were to hide it all.

where do we hide it all?

it cant fit anywhere but in the basement and we are not aloud down there but we did it anyway and only half of us made it out!

100 Word challenge- the Holidays


I was on the best Holiday ever we went fishing, surfing and canoeing. When we went canoeing i saw something washed up on the beach, first i thought it was a bunch of seaweed but when i walked closer to it i thought it was a turtle, but then i waked right next to it and  it was a really big fish. I yelled to my Dad i found a fish and when he came over he said it was a shark. It was a metre long! We found a huge rock pool and let him free, he was so happy he let us swim with him and we called him Wobby because he was a Wobbegong Shark.

my poet


I am the boy who likes soccer.

I am the big brother who gets annoyed by my little sister.

I am the  minecraft expert who wins most minecraft rounds.

I am the boy who likes drawing.

I am the friend who has fun.

I am the boy who likes fishing.

I am Byron

100 word challenge ‘so, what lies in front of us’


I was at school writing when the alarm went off, then suddenly I heard screaming from each room until it came to ours. I’m hiding under the table. The class room door slowly opened, my friend was right next to me. I heard everyone scream, I shut my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw everyone on the floor, i looked next to me and I asked my friend ” so, what lies in front of us?””I don’t now” he answered. We fell asleep and I woke up and my friend was gone. I looked to the other side and I died.

100 word challenge


I was on my bed watching you tube when i felt the ground shake, i ran outside to see what was going on. In my front yard i saw a shoe and giant foot prints, that’s when i heard a kid scream. I ran to the street and saw  a monster standing there with a child hanging from its mouth. I ran back to my house but he was right there at the gate, so i ran to my friends house and noone answered the door, i was now doomed! I sat at the top of a tree and fell asleep.

100 word challenge – It rushed towards us


It was a nice day. We were in the sea on a boat when we saw a shadow under the boat. It jumped up over the boat and it was too fast to see it. Then it was swimming away but it turned around and it rushed towards us and bit the boat. The boat was leaking and everyone was panicking. Then we saw the thing swim towards us and behind it there were two more. We all didn’t  know what to do. Finally a big boat came bye and saved us we were really happy. In the end we found out it was a shark.

Feedback – Charles


I found it interesting when  Mietta mentioned that she thought the mom was the main character because she was the one whose eye’s we were seeing the story through. I thought Laurie was the main character because he was coming into the story a lot and we heard his name a lot.


I found it interesting when Jack mentioned that he thought the author purposely made Laurie a normal boy, who does what a kid does but actually he was Charles.


I found it interesting when Stella mentioned that Laurie didn’t want his parents to be ashamed of him so he lied about Charles.


I found it interesting when Mietta mentioned that the mum got more and more interested about Charles.

Charles – 5 Facts of Fiction


Charles By Shirley Jackson


Laurie is the main character and he invents another character who is Charles but Charles is just himself.

Laurie is a naughty kid that is always being rude at home and at school.


Laurie wants to tell his parents about school but he doesn’t want to get into trouble for being naughty so he tells his parents that its Charles that’s being bad at school. Even if Laurie is bad at home too.


Laurie tricks his parents for weeks. They believe its Charles fault



2.Bad, not nice and rood.

3.nice and helping.

4.To not be naughty?

5.To not ne naughty


2.Nauhty people, nice people, school…?

3.Thowing thing and hurting people.5.charles throws stuff and hurts people.

6.This is a world were danger happens.

Read like a writer




1. IDEAS: The writer was writing about a girl turning 11 and how the girl doesn’t feel like she is 11.  Making the story interesting by adding birthdays and how old you are.

2. ORGANIZATION: The story starts with the main girl turning eleven and then it adds in her friends and school. When the write had a new idea they made a new paragraph.

3. VOICE: sad, happy and the same feeling as yesterday.

4. WORD CHOICE: birthdays, ages, sad, and felling the same.

5. SENTENCES: The sentences flow through the story. In the beginning the sentences are longer and then get shorter and then they get longer again.

6.  CONVENTIONS: the writer uses questions and answers.