100 word challenge


Word prompts: Hard, beautiful, brown, worried, camera.

My Mum wanted to take a photo of my beautiful brown eyes with her camera. But i was worried that Mum was going to send it to my Aunty and i didn’t want her to sent it to her because i would be so embarrassed and also my Cousins would show their friends. It was hard to take my photo because i was always moving, my mum wold always say “STOP MOVING BYRON!” and i said “ok”. And i had to stop moving. That’s why i hate my mum taking photo’s. THE END!

History Reflection ANH DO


At age 2 Anh Do’s family left Vietnam and spent 5 days on a boat out at sea.

They had 2 pirate attacks on their boat.

A German ship rescued them and couldn’t save them until their boat was sinking, so the German’s gave ANH DO’s dad a axe to break their boat.


How many people were on the boat and how big was the boat?

What did they eat and drink on the boat?


This is the story of how ANH DO’s family came to Australia by boat.

ANH DO wrote a book about it.

Federation Explained BTN Reflection


The video was about how Australia was colonised.

An Explorer named Abel Tasman found Tasmania in 1642. Then captain cook found Botany Bay in 1770 and colonies were formed. There were six different colonies, all with different laws and even different train tracks so people had to change trans if they wanted to travel over different colonies. After a while they all decided to make a country together.

Caving at camp


My most favourite activity at camp was caving. There were frogs and blind crickets. We had to crawl through really small. In front of me was Aden and behind me was Evan. Even is scared of bugs so he was whinging. A rock fell on Evan. There were spiders too. There was a place called mouse trap. Evan was so scared but the place called mouse trap is called mouse trap because there were really small holes. We had to wear helmets on our heads. At the start we had to turn off the lights, it was really dark.

History Videos


I see that a lot of the convicts in England were poor and would steal things to sell so they would have money for food. So instead of sending the convicts to Australia where the aboriginals live, they could of leant from the aboriginals. And taught the poor how to gather food off the land and keep warm using animals skins. I don’t think they needed to bring convicts to Australia. In the video the aboriginals look scared of the English because they didn’t know what they wanted, and the brought strange animals with them that the aboriginals had never been before. And the English children looked scared in prison and being sent to another land. I could never imagine living like that.

All about me


Hi Senada,

I am the oldest child in my family, I have a 6 year old sister called Charlotte and a baby brother called Rafael. My Mum stays at home and looks after us kids and my Dad works as a Physiotherapist. Not many people know that i was born in Italy and lived there for 2 years. I moved to Australia when i was almost 2 with my Mum who is Australian and my Dad who is half Italian and German. We joke that we are a rainbow family. We go back to Italy for holidays all the time. We went to Italy, France and Hong Kong last year in the Christmas holidays, it was cold and sometimes snowing. My cousins Kye and Taj also came with us with their Mum, which was so much fun!

My favorite thing to do is fishing. My mum says its because River is my middle name. I love going up to my Poppy’s house in Nothern NSW becuase he lives on an island and i can go fishing all the time and catch flathead. My Mum knows how to cut them up and cook them, she calls herself Rex Hunt.

I like to draw and people say i’m good at it. My favorite books to read are Dragon Blood Pirates.

Some of my favourite things are; the colour green, pizza, playing xbox, roblox, and watching youtube.

I play soccer on the weekend and do swimming on Tuesdays.

I had a pet Yabby and his name was Mr Crabs, he was the coolest pet ever!



Hong Kong


First I went on the plane to Hong Kong. Whiell I was on the plane I played Minecraft on my iPad. Then we landed in Hong Kong. When  we reached the hotel there was a crismis tree. I found $1 on the  ground. When my Dad said up the sters or elavater. I chose sters but I shod of said elavater because my room was 20 😮 . The next day we went to disney land. I saw Donald Duck, Ploto, Goofe, Miney and Mickey… the last perade was frozen my sisters faveret. My faveret was Lighting Meacwen in the dark. It was a long egsosting osem day. When I went bake to the hotel I fell asleep. The next day me and my Dad went to the big booda. Before we went on the boat we saw crabs, octepos… when we reached there we were erly so we had mcdonalds and wated. When we were on the bus we saw bulls and cows. Then we were there first we saw a dog sleeping in front of sumeone praing. Then we walced up the long, long, long stares and we were finale there. Then the next day we were going on the plane agen to Italy.




Soccer training



I started soccer training last weekend. I saw sum of my school friends there, Zedakai, Roy and Atticus. We did sum skill training and then at the end we were put into teems and played a match. My teem wan 3-0! 🙂 GOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!! During the game i got kicked in the leg and now i have a brooz. So my mum toke me to kmart to buy shin pads.

Hello world!


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