100wc …but I didn’t understand the instructions…


I was getting ready for school when I remembered I had after care today. I got ready for that to and started walking to school when i came across my best friend gorge and started walking to school with him we did all sorts of things that day like P.E. and art. when the bell went we ran to after care and signed up after that we ran to the Jim and started playing games in one game i thing it was interesting by the name but I didn’t understand the instructions so i asked gorge he told meh the instructions and we just started playing the new fun game!




12% of grade 3 to 6 are scammed and hacked.

8.7% of the people report people.

You can use your face fingers and eyes for logging in to your account.

There is many scammers like this one called bad rabbit that locks down your device and gives you a time limit for how long you have to pay back for the computer to be unlocked and the cost is about 400 dollars.

This scam is called blackmailing.

You have to be able to control your privacy.


Key words-Red 

There is a volcano erupting in Hawaii and 26 homes have already been destroyed. 
Lava is coming down onto roads and there are also cracks spreading onto the roads.
No one has been injurer or died from the eruption.

Volcano, Eruption, Hawaii and spreading.

Why is the eruption so big?



There I am walking down the street looking for my rock collections when i came across a book? I wandered what it was about?
Well I think its about a ZOO KEEPER to be honest. I finally reached my house. I walked in and started doing my home work but I just cant get my eye of that BOOK! So i jumped on my bed and started reading the book. It was actually not that bad. I wondered if my sister would like it, so i ran over to her and told her about how I get the book. And she loved the story to. So I guess readings not that bad at all.




Key words-Green


Almost 90% of Queensland is in drought.
They do not have as much rain as we do.
No rain no grass harder to make plants and feed animals.

Queensland, drought, problems and government.

Why dose it rain so much down here but not up there? 

100wc …’when did it arrive?’ I said


Me and my best friend where on our way to the carnival and there was a man standing next to a Lamborghini I walked over to The guy in the ice cream van i pointed to the car.’when did it arrive?’ I said. The man said that he didn’t know it arrived before him. We were not worried about the car but what was in the car. there was a big box in the car and we wonder what it could be we mostly thing its the prize. A big big ruffle ticket prize.




Key Words-Red

There is a pattern that the earthquakes made and they call it the ring of fire.
There were lots of earthquakes making lines like the roots of trees.
There were not a lot of earthquakes in some places like Australia.

Why are there a lot of earthquakes in the ring of fire?
Why are the earthquakes not hitting other places as much?

Earthquake, ring, fire and pattern



There they were the two brothers walking in the misty woods. They were walking to their sisters house when all of a sudden they saw a grave with crimson blood on it. One of the brothers shouted “LOOK OUT!” As a zombie jumped out of a bush, the boys screamed and ran frantically. They stopped in fright at the end of a water fall, they looked at each other and then looked at the zombie. “Should we?” Whispered one of the brothers “Yeah we should” Whispered the other brother.” 3 2 …”” Wait ” Yelled the zombie in a rush. ” Man i got you guys so bad ” The zombie said taking of its mask. ” Guys its me. ” Said a girl. ” Sister! ” They both yelled running to her.




Key Words-Red 

The cricketers and the Prime Minster apologized.
The cricketer rubbed sand paper on that ball so it would fly left and make it harder to hit the ball.
The cricketers have consequences for months.

Why would they do that, why would they rub sand paper on the ball?
why did they cheat, why would they it makes our country feel guilty?

cricketers, months, sand paper and cheat.

100wc Picher Prompt


There he was sitting down next to his favourite  tree watching the leaves and birds. “BOOM!”  A loud sound came from the distance. All of a sudden, a of a part robot crashed into a tree, and the other part went flying into the sky. He was hiding behind the tree, and then a big robot walks past and every thing went black.

He woke up to see his Mum and Dad in front of his face, he explained what he saw and they thought he was dreaming. Until he and his dad walked to the forest a couple of days later and saw two big robot legs next to a tree.