100 word challenge ‘so, what lies in front of us’


I was at school writing when the alarm went off, then suddenly I heard screaming from each room until it came to ours. I’m hiding under the table. The class room door slowly opened, my friend was right next to me. I heard everyone scream, I shut my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw everyone on the floor, i looked next to me and I asked my friend ” so, what lies in front of us?””I don’t now” he answered. We fell asleep and I woke up and my friend was gone. I looked to the other side and I died.

100 word challenge


I was on my bed watching you tube when i felt the ground shake, i ran outside to see what was going on. In my front yard i saw a shoe and giant foot prints, that’s when i heard a kid scream. I ran to the street and saw  a monster standing there with a child hanging from its mouth. I ran back to my house but he was right there at the gate, so i ran to my friends house and noone answered the door, i was now doomed! I sat at the top of a tree and fell asleep.

100 word challenge – It rushed towards us


It was a nice day. We were in the sea on a boat when we saw a shadow under the boat. It jumped up over the boat and it was too fast to see it. Then it was swimming away but it turned around and it rushed towards us and bit the boat. The boat was leaking and everyone was panicking. Then we saw the thing swim towards us and behind it there were two more. We all didn’t  know what to do. Finally a big boat came bye and saved us we were really happy. In the end we found out it was a shark.

Feedback – Charles


I found it interesting when  Mietta mentioned that she thought the mom was the main character because she was the one whose eye’s we were seeing the story through. I thought Laurie was the main character because he was coming into the story a lot and we heard his name a lot.


I found it interesting when Jack mentioned that he thought the author purposely made Laurie a normal boy, who does what a kid does but actually he was Charles.


I found it interesting when Stella mentioned that Laurie didn’t want his parents to be ashamed of him so he lied about Charles.


I found it interesting when Mietta mentioned that the mum got more and more interested about Charles.

Charles – 5 Facts of Fiction


Charles By Shirley Jackson


Laurie is the main character and he invents another character who is Charles but Charles is just himself.

Laurie is a naughty kid that is always being rude at home and at school.


Laurie wants to tell his parents about school but he doesn’t want to get into trouble for being naughty so he tells his parents that its Charles that’s being bad at school. Even if Laurie is bad at home too.


Laurie tricks his parents for weeks. They believe its Charles fault



2.Bad, not nice and rood.

3.nice and helping.

4.To not be naughty?

5.To not ne naughty


2.Nauhty people, nice people, school…?

3.Thowing thing and hurting people.5.charles throws stuff and hurts people.

6.This is a world were danger happens.

Read like a writer




1. IDEAS: The writer was writing about a girl turning 11 and how the girl doesn’t feel like she is 11.  Making the story interesting by adding birthdays and how old you are.

2. ORGANIZATION: The story starts with the main girl turning eleven and then it adds in her friends and school. When the write had a new idea they made a new paragraph.

3. VOICE: sad, happy and the same feeling as yesterday.

4. WORD CHOICE: birthdays, ages, sad, and felling the same.

5. SENTENCES: The sentences flow through the story. In the beginning the sentences are longer and then get shorter and then they get longer again.

6.  CONVENTIONS: the writer uses questions and answers.

BTN Funding Schools


School is pretty expensive to run you have buildings, equipment and teachers all there to make sure great education but who pays for all that? Private schools generally charge more for money. Private schools get more money from the government than the Public schools.


100 word challenge


In the flash of lightning i saw smoke in my back yard. My cubby house WAS ON FIRE! I yelled out to Mum and Dad but they didn’t respond. Now the fence was on fire, i was trapped. I didn’t know what to do. Then i got an idea, i went to the shed, got a bucket then went to the pool and filled up the bucket with water then threw it on the fire. Soon the fire was out but the fence was gone and so was the cubby house. Now we don’t have a fence or a cubby house.

BTN – Kids TV Quotas


Australian kids TV could be about to change. The ACMA has  rules that every commercial channel has to show at least 260 hours of children’s TV every year and 25 hours needs to be Australian made. They made these rules so that Aussie kids grow up knowing Australian culture and to help the Australian TV industry to grow. Now people want the rules changed because kids are watching less TV. Kids are watching YouTube, Netflix or playing on their computer and iPad’s. The Australian government has agreed to review the rules which has made some Australian stars worried, so they have made a TV ad to ask for the rules to stay.



100 word challenge


One day me and my Dad wanted to build something but we didn’t know what to build. It was lunch so we went to McDonald’S for lunch. When we were finished we played at the park and then headed home. When we were home dad said ” do you have any ideas for us to build something?” “yes. A burger. ” i said  ” Ok .” dad said. We built a burger but we needed more detail so we built hands holding the burger. The next day i got up and went to look at the hands holding the burger but it disappeared.