Democracy, Monarchy and Dictatorship.

Democracy is two words put together in Greece demos meant people and Kratos meant power and rule.
They did not let the girls, slaves or too poor people vote.
But not all countries have democracy there are some like dictatorship and monarchy.

Monarchy means they are born royal and have the power over everyone.
Dictatorship means they have power over the people but aren’t royal.
Australia is lucky because we have a say in things.







Cape town is in SOUTH AFRICA.

There has not been alot of rain.

People have been only allowed 50 litres a day since Feb 1st.


Water is so low that the city is at risk to run out.

Authorities say that the taps could be turned off at June 4th and they’re calling that day zero.

The water may run out.

If day zero does come then people will only get 25 litres a day.




Luke is a werewolf he is looking for his third relic to free his parents to the human world.  He is with to friends a vampire and a mummy they are looking for the next relic the heart of a mummy they have a book a talking book that tells them clues about the relics.

There are two people trying to stop them on the way sir Otto Sneer and Dixen. His friends names are Resus Negative and Cleo Farr there  basically offering there lives for Luke. Because his parents are dyeing of fright.


100 word challenge (The Wood Ninja)😎


The wood ninja, we dont know why they’re back.😬 There has been no trouble. They haven’t been here in sooo long why are they here this time? They’re acting diffrent, i think they’re training but for what?😨

I have a feeling something bad will happen.😰😭

BOOM! Thunder just came from out of nowhere then for one split second red eyes were in the clouds😈 then zombies👽💀 just started rising from the ground.😖😱🤯 I felt scared then the Wood Ninja jumped out of nowhere and attacked the zombies, we didnt win but at least some of our souls were free.




100wc (we were moving very fast when)


…we were moving very fast when …

I had such a boring life, I had nothing to do but watch my sister play with her dolls. One day my Mum said we were going to the fair it sounded fun but I did not know. When we were at the fair we played some games and it was better than fun! But my dad said “wait if u think thats fun then lets go on the rollercoster!” My sister said “whats that?” then i said “something fun!”

We went on the rollercoster, we went slow then fast then slow then we were moving very fast when we went down the big drop. Sometimes life isnt boring.

A Safer Internet Day


Today we learnt how to make the Internet better place.

My Pledge is to not pull bad jokes and don’t teas because it could make the person behind the screen feel bad.

A safer internet starts with me.


.Avoid-Cyber bulling.



.Dodgy sites-And scams.

.no personal info.

.being “ethical”


Eg: Sad, cry, left out, angry and more.

About Me


Hi my name is Byron (like Byron Bay).

I have a Mum and Dad and a little sister Charlotte who is in year 2 and a baby brother Rafael who is 2 and a cat named Enora.

I was born in Italy and moved to Melbourne when i was 2. My Dad is Italian and my Mum is Australian.

I like fishing and swimming in rock pools, i love exploring the water while snorkeling to see what i can find. I love listening to music, playing Roblox and Minecraft, playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.

In the September holidays i found a Wobbygong Shark on the beach and we returned it back to the rockpools behind the beach, later that afternoon i went snorkeling in the same rockpools with my cousins and we found it again, we named him Wobby. We found lots of things; sea cucumber, sea urchins, crabs, fish, clay, shells, rocks and of couse Wobby. Where we were camping we would wake up and there would be tons of Kangaroos around our tent. My baby brother would call them Boom-Booms.

I went fishing, surfing, boogy boarding, swimming and canoeing on the tea tree lake nearby.

Further up the beach a whale had beached itself and died and it was soooo stinky.

But on the Christmas holidays i mostly stayed home and chilled. We went to the beach, pool, waterslides, cinema, park, you know that sort of stuff.

And that’s me 🙂



100 word challenge-the tiger blocked our escape


we were running for our lives i was surrounded by.

Before he could say anything the camera went black and restarted the video.

It started at for boys laying a game in the basement the lights started flickering and it all went dark. there was something banging on the wall then we all woke up in the most darkest place ever there was nothing but black and us then a thing came out of no were and trend into a animal.

we were in our room now but there was still banging on the wall and a tiger jumped out of the wall and the tiger blocked our escape.

we were running for our lives i was surrounded by.

the video went black.


Transition session 1-100wc


we where camping i was in my bunker it was a hug mess and we don’t know were to hide it all.

where do we hide it all?

it cant fit anywhere but in the basement and we are not aloud down there but we did it anyway and only half of us made it out!

100 Word challenge- the Holidays


I was on the best Holiday ever we went fishing, surfing and canoeing. When we went canoeing i saw something washed up on the beach, first i thought it was a bunch of seaweed but when i walked closer to it i thought it was a turtle, but then i waked right next to it and  it was a really big fish. I yelled to my Dad i found a fish and when he came over he said it was a shark. It was a metre long! We found a huge rock pool and let him free, he was so happy he let us swim with him and we called him Wobby because he was a Wobbegong Shark.