100wc …why would I do that?…


part 2 of  …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

As I looked over the edge, I saw my doom. I turned around and saw the ghost slowly coming towards me. I panicked while looking back down. For a moment I thought about jumping, but why would I ever do that? I could die if I jumped. I had to think fast the ghost was nearly here. I looked down and whispered to myself. “I do have chance of surviving if I jumped because of the water down bellow but what if I don’t survive?” I didn’t want to think about it so i just closed my eyes and jumped.



Special prompt #2 (18)

This story starts with a little boy called Ben he was around the age of 6 and he had a bigger brother called Alex. But one day he and his big brother Alex went out to look for little bugs and something terribly wrong happens.

“Hey Alex come over here look what I found!” I yelled out to my brother. “What now!” Alex moaned. “I found a blue door” I said in excitement. “Wowwww stay away from that i think its a p-portal”Alex yelled. “I don’t care what it is it looks fun!” Ben said while jumping into the portal. “SMASH” everything went black.

Ben slowly opens his eyes and says”where am i?” “Its ok you’r at hospital.” the nurse whisperer. Ben looked over to Alex and said “This is all your fault.”

100wc …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…


I was in my room reading a book when it started to rain. Rain was not my type of thing but it wasn’t to scary until it pored down so much rain and the worst part was that there was thunder! I sat up and ran to the lounge room and the kitchen but no one was there, after that I looked around the hole house and no one was here. I was now very scared. I looked behind me and I saw the dead eyes of a ghost, I ran to the door as fast as i could but it was locked. I was panicking when an idea came to my mind, I ran to the window and smashed it with my elbow, I jumped out and ran as fast as i could. But that was when I came across a cliff and as I looked over the edge, I saw my doom!



100wc …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…


There was a cheeky little girl called Isabella she would always do naughty stuff like the time she took 100$ from her mum and the time she cut her dads hair when he was sleeping. But one day she cut the hair of her cats tail. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done it looked horrible. What would mum and dad say? Would they be mad. she could tell them it was a dog. So she ran up to her dad and mum told them it was a dog and showed her the cat.



BTN-don’t panic




They where in a bush fire and cyclone they where testing the each of the two family what they would do.
They where not prepared but they made it through.
The kids did better that the adults.

bush fire, cyclone, testing and prepared.

Why would they do the test if the family knows its fake?
wouldn’t they act very different?



All kids should play sport


Imagine a world where you have so much mussels and you are healthy but without sport just imagine all the fat, sick and unhealthy people. Which is definitely what we do not want.

A great reason for all kids to play sport is sportsmanship. Imagine you get a goal and your teammates are cheering you on being good sportsmanship. How will you feel? If that is how you want to be treated then treat others how you want to be treated. (Example: go…)

Another good reason is healthiness. You start getting stronger and more healthier then you used to be. If you get hurt most of the time you will heal quickly. I know this because it has happened plenty of times to me. I also do swimming which helps me a lot in other sports to that’s because it build up all my muscles in my body.

This reason is about skills and getting better at sport. If you practise, you will start to learn some skills but you will also get better at whatever sport you are playing. If you play/practise with other people, you will start to learn their skills to. Then you can out smart them. I had very good experience in this by playing soccer. A sport that you can do this is soccer, hockey, football, tennis and plenty more.

So do we really want to end up with a world where everyone is fat, sick and unhealthy? NO! So do sport and live a great long healthy life.


100wc Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge

There it was a beautiful yellow flower called a daffodil. It was past a river past a bridge  and in the middle of a green grass patch. There where other flowers there pink ones blue ones and even red ones but none the same as the yellow flower  he was so sad and lonely but one day a new flower came and was really kind to him she didn’t care that he was different. In spring something was happening to the two flowers they stared shaking then puff seeds sprinkled every where. The two flowers hugged and left to start a new adventure.





This is about a place in Africa that is starting to break in half. It could take years. And scientists belief there is something that is happening under there feet. The crackers are growing bigger and longer every day.

Big cracks are happening in the valley in Kenya leading some scientists to suggest it could be the start of Africa splitting in two. There growing longer and bigger every day. Something is happening under their feet.Whats happening under their feet?Will Africa really spit in two?I understand it will tack lots of years for the crack to spit Africa in half. 





Two boys named Gorge and Harry They where walking down the street. Something hit one of the boys in he head it was a strange round object. The boys didn’t know what it was or what it was called it was around the shape of a circle  with spikes on it. The boys first thought it was some kind of food but then they thought it was a nut. They took one of the weird things of  cracked it open and saw what was inside a bunch of yellow stuff it kind of looked like a big heavy sees with some potato in it.





Key words-green

There is a hot spot that made the islands like Hawaii.
The island could explode.

The lava is moving faster than a turtle.

Why is the volcano erupting?
Has there been any other natural disaster causing it?

Causing, erupting, volcano, natural, disaster and island.