100wc …why would I do that?…

part 2 of  …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

As I looked over the edge, I saw my doom. I turned around and saw the ghost slowly coming towards me. I panicked while looking back down. For a moment I thought about jumping, but why would I ever do that? I could die if I jumped. I had to think fast the ghost was nearly here. I looked down and whispered to myself. “I do have chance of surviving if I jumped because of the water down bellow but what if I don’t survive?” I didn’t want to think about it so i just closed my eyes and jumped.

One thought on “100wc …why would I do that?…”

  1. Byron,
    I love the way you build up the suspense here by repeating the questions this character is asking himself- The way he is stuck between 2 terrible options becomes clear and we understand he is left having to make a frightening decision. I wonder what will happen to him?
    Great work

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