Special prompt #2 (18)

This story starts with a little boy called Ben he was around the age of 6 and he had a bigger brother called Alex. But one day he and his big brother Alex went out to look for little bugs and something terribly wrong happens.

“Hey Alex come over here look what I found!” I yelled out to my brother. “What now!” Alex moaned. “I found a blue door” I said in excitement. “Wowwww stay away from that i think its a p-portal”Alex yelled. “I don’t care what it is it looks fun!” Ben said while jumping into the portal. “SMASH” everything went black.

Ben slowly opens his eyes and says”where am i?” “Its ok you’r at hospital.” the nurse whispered. Ben looked over to Alex and said “This is all your fault.”

One thought on “100wc”

  1. I like how you used real-life people some advice is, maybe work on your spelling e.g when you say “the nurse whisper” I think you meant the nurse whispered.

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