There I was sitting down on my bed wondering why everyone at my school don’t like me. Nearly everyone puts notes on my back mostly they say kick me.

2 weeks later

I walked home from school and saw a letter in the letter box I walked over and looked at the cover it said my name. I picked it up and started reading. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face, it said that someone liked me. I jumped up and down with joy i cant belief that tomorrow i might have a friend.



“FFFFFT!” Oh no I thought. I looked around feeling nervous, all of my class heard me fart.

2 years later

“Hey Fart boy come here!”yelled the school bully. I gorge slowly walked over.”What do you think doing?”the bully asked.”I- I was just going to class.” I answered. “Yea right.” said the bully. The bully who was called Even took out a little can of pink spay paint and sprain it all over me. I did try to be calm and think about a river with the stars reflecting of the dark blue sky. I started walking away, but I just couldn’t help myself. I turned around and slapped him in the face. Even looked down at me and said.”your COOKED MEAT!” “BOOM!” All went black.

100wc …why would I do that?…


part 2 of  …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

As I looked over the edge, I saw my doom. I turned around and saw the ghost slowly coming towards me. I panicked while looking back down. For a moment I thought about jumping, but why would I ever do that? I could die if I jumped. I had to think fast the ghost was nearly here. I looked down and whispered to myself. “I do have chance of surviving if I jumped because of the water down bellow but what if I don’t survive?” I didn’t want to think about it so i just closed my eyes and jumped.



Special prompt #2 (18)

This story starts with a little boy called Ben he was around the age of 6 and he had a bigger brother called Alex. But one day he and his big brother Alex went out to look for little bugs and something terribly wrong happens.

“Hey Alex come over here look what I found!” I yelled out to my brother. “What now!” Alex moaned. “I found a blue door” I said in excitement. “Wowwww stay away from that i think its a p-portal”Alex yelled. “I don’t care what it is it looks fun!” Ben said while jumping into the portal. “SMASH” everything went black.

Ben slowly opens his eyes and says”where am i?” “Its ok you’r at hospital.” the nurse whispered. Ben looked over to Alex and said “This is all your fault.”