100wc …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

I was in my room reading a book when it started to rain. Rain was not my type of thing but it wasn’t to scary until it pored down so much rain and the worst part was that there was thunder! I sat up and ran to the lounge room and the kitchen but no one was there, after that I looked around the hole house and no one was here. I was now very scared. I looked behind me and I saw the dead eyes of a ghost, I ran to the door as fast as i could but it was locked. I was panicking when an idea came to my mind, I ran to the window and smashed it with my elbow, I jumped out and ran as fast as i could. But that was when I came across a cliff and as I looked over the edge, I saw my doom!



3 thoughts on “100wc …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…”

  1. I liked how you added lots of horror to it but what you need to work on is your descriptive words, but anyways i like it, good job.

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