All kids should play sport

Imagine a world where you have so much mussels and you are healthy but without sport just imagine all the fat, sick and unhealthy people. Which is definitely what we do not want.

A great reason for all kids to play sport is sportsmanship. Imagine you get a goal and your teammates are cheering you on being good sportsmanship. How will you feel? If that is how you want to be treated then treat others how you want to be treated. (Example: go…)

Another good reason is healthiness. You start getting stronger and more healthier then you used to be. If you get hurt most of the time you will heal quickly. I know this because it has happened plenty of times to me. I also do swimming which helps me a lot in other sports to that’s because it build up all my muscles in my body.

This reason is about skills and getting better at sport. If you practise, you will start to learn some skills but you will also get better at whatever sport you are playing. If you play/practise with other people, you will start to learn their skills to. Then you can out smart them. I had very good experience in this by playing soccer. A sport that you can do this is soccer, hockey, football, tennis and plenty more.

So do we really want to end up with a world where everyone is fat, sick and unhealthy? NO! So do sport and live a great long healthy life.


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