100wc Picher Prompt

There he was sitting down next to his favourite  tree watching the leaves and birds. “BOOM!”  A loud sound came from the distance. All of a sudden, a of a part robot crashed into a tree, and the other part went flying into the sky. He was hiding behind the tree, and then a big robot walks past and every thing went black.

He woke up to see his Mum and Dad in front of his face, he explained what he saw and they thought he was dreaming. Until he and his dad walked to the forest a couple of days later and saw two big robot legs next to a tree.

One thought on “100wc Picher Prompt”

  1. Byron,
    This is awesome!
    I love the way you’ve broken it up into two parts-before & after.
    You’ve created a sizzling start and I’m very impressed with your perfect spelling and punctuation!
    (oops- just one mistake- ‘picher’ in the title is actually ‘picture’)
    Great work,

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