Lower house and Upper house


We have been learning about the senate the house of representatives the government and other cool stuff like 3 levels of law.
My info graphic is about the house of representatives and the senate.
I tried to get it finished and i tried to get the most information i could get.







In Australia 1800 most women didn’t have much of a say.¬† ¬†
Back then they said women were to emotional and weren’t smart enough.¬†
Even though the women were aloud to vote they didn’t let the indigenous people vote.
Voting age was 21 until 1973.

Emotional, Indigenous, Australia, Voting.

Why do you have to be over 21 back then and then have to be over 18 now?   

100wc …but how did he get up there?…


No way, this was the best day of my life! I went to a pet store with my sister, brother, cousins and my dad.
When we were there I walked in and it felt like I was in a unicorn world but with reptiles, birds and fish.
We had a walk around and we looked at my favourite animal, a turtle. We were picking a turtle to have as a pet. When i looked up, why was the turtle there at the top of the tank?
But how did he/she get up there?
We went back home with a  baby turtle the size of a 20 cent coin.




Key words-Blue


Audrey and other kids went to the parliament house.
They were given a speach for a guy called Josh Freydenberg, he’s a politician and works with the Prime Minister.
They debated lots of topics.
In history there have only been 28 indigenous members of parliament and its not alot.

 Parliament, politician,  communities.

It was about an  Indigenous girl called Audrey explaning the issues and other stuff about  Indigenous people.



“YEAH! It’s morning oh its morning and its a lovely new day!” Yelled Luke in excitement.
Every day he goes out with his brother looking for new things, he has found a fork a spoon a knife and a plate just laying around on the ground.
The thing is what he wanted to find this whole time was just a cup and in this story he found a big cup alright.

Luke woke up his brother and headed straight to the forest and guess what?! He came across a donky.
He got on the donky and saw shrek next to a big cup and Luke walked away.


100wc …But what if i was in charge?…


My life is invdaed I cant do anything I want my mum and dad say do that do this but what if i was in charge? I would tell them to do and they will feal what i feal like hehe. Wait but then ill be bord I cant do anything because I litrely have nothing. It would be so boring I think thats why they make me do eveything and they just sit there bord. I think there favret thing to do is make my food lunch and dinner. I cant cook. I dont know what ill do without them.


BTN levels of government




Key words-Red



Federal Government has the most power it controls defence, trade, foreign affairs, money and taxes, communications and the environment.
State has the responsibility of health, education, mining and agriculture, law & order, roads & transports.
Local has the responsibility of  local roads, garbage, pets, local buildings, permits, and elderly.
There are three levels of govenment Fedral, State, and Local.

Fedral, State, Local, Government and Country.

I understand that there are three levels of government in Australia and some other countries.

Dear mum and dad


Dear mum and dad


I am really interested about democracy I know things about democracy like monarchy federation  and more
If you know anything about democracy that you think I don’t know about I am more than happy to hear about it.
federation is when a bunch of states come together and make a country like U.S.A.
I have a question Are farmers citizens? If you know that would be great.

100WC- Ladder, Goldfish, Flew, Brown and Slowly


There he was a guy called Luke staring out his window with his brown hair and blue eyes.
He was really sad as his goldfish had just died, all he felt in the inside was sadness.
He saw his dad climb up the ladder and tried to fly.
His dad liked how birds flew and he wanted to prove that he could too.
Luke got up and slowly walked to his room, sat on his bed and tried to stop thinking about all the bad thoughts.
He saw his brother go to his dad and i thought he would tell him to stop but he tried to fly too.

(of flying and sadness mostly flying)