About Me

Hi my name is Byron (like Byron Bay).

I have a Mum and Dad and a little sister Charlotte who is in year 2 and a baby brother Rafael who is 2 and a cat named Enora.

I was born in Italy and moved to Melbourne when i was 2. My Dad is Italian and my Mum is Australian.

I like fishing and swimming in rock pools, i love exploring the water while snorkeling to see what i can find. I love listening to music, playing Roblox and Minecraft, playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.

In the September holidays i found a Wobbygong Shark on the beach and we returned it back to the rockpools behind the beach, later that afternoon i went snorkeling in the same rockpools with my cousins and we found it again, we named him Wobby. We found lots of things; sea cucumber, sea urchins, crabs, fish, clay, shells, rocks and of couse Wobby. Where we were camping we would wake up and there would be tons of Kangaroos around our tent. My baby brother would call them Boom-Booms.

I went fishing, surfing, boogy boarding, swimming and canoeing on the tea tree lake nearby.

Further up the beach a whale had beached itself and died and it was soooo stinky.

But on the Christmas holidays i mostly stayed home and chilled. We went to the beach, pool, waterslides, cinema, park, you know that sort of stuff.

And that’s me 🙂



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  1. I like Minecraft, Roblox, Soccer/Football and listening to muic too. Also I liked how you put In full stop’s and commas.

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