100 Word challenge- the Holidays


I was on the best Holiday ever we went fishing, surfing and canoeing. When we went canoeing i saw something washed up on the beach, first i thought it was a bunch of seaweed but when i walked closer to it i thought it was a turtle, but then i waked right next to it and  it was a really big fish. I yelled to my Dad i found a fish and when he came over he said it was a shark. It was a metre long! We found a huge rock pool and let him free, he was so happy he let us swim with him and we called him Wobby because he was a Wobbegong Shark.

my poet


I am the boy who likes soccer.

I am the big brother who gets annoyed by my little sister.

I am the  minecraft expert who wins most minecraft rounds.

I am the boy who likes drawing.

I am the friend who has fun.

I am the boy who likes fishing.

I am Byron