100 word challenge – It rushed towards us


It was a nice day. We were in the sea on a boat when we saw a shadow under the boat. It jumped up over the boat and it was too fast to see it. Then it was swimming away but it turned around and it rushed towards us and bit the boat. The boat was leaking and everyone was panicking. Then we saw the thing swim towards us and behind it there were two more. We all didn’t  know what to do. Finally a big boat came bye and saved us we were really happy. In the end we found out it was a shark.

Feedback – Charles


I found it interesting when  Mietta mentioned that she thought the mom was the main character because she was the one whose eye’s we were seeing the story through. I thought Laurie was the main character because he was coming into the story a lot and we heard his name a lot.


I found it interesting when Jack mentioned that he thought the author purposely made Laurie a normal boy, who does what a kid does but actually he was Charles.


I found it interesting when Stella mentioned that Laurie didn’t want his parents to be ashamed of him so he lied about Charles.


I found it interesting when Mietta mentioned that the mum got more and more interested about Charles.

Charles – 5 Facts of Fiction


Charles By Shirley Jackson


Laurie is the main character and he invents another character who is Charles but Charles is just himself.

Laurie is a naughty kid that is always being rude at home and at school.


Laurie wants to tell his parents about school but he doesn’t want to get into trouble for being naughty so he tells his parents that its Charles that’s being bad at school. Even if Laurie is bad at home too.


Laurie tricks his parents for weeks. They believe its Charles fault



2.Bad, not nice and rood.

3.nice and helping.

4.To not be naughty?

5.To not ne naughty


2.Nauhty people, nice people, school…?

3.Thowing thing and hurting people.5.charles throws stuff and hurts people.

6.This is a world were danger happens.