100 word challenge – Car in tree


The car stopped in the middle of no where. So me, Mum and Dad had to walk to the nearest village, on the way we saw a river and some really cool animals,  some fish in the river. 2 days later we found a village, it was really small, we told them everything then they took us to our car and a tree was starting to grow under it. So every week we go visit our old adventure and our car, we see the river, the animals, the fish and the village where we ended up living in.

The end

BTN Video – Bark Canoes



The aboriginal tribe called the Kuarna People are trying To bring back the old tradition of building bark canoes.  They had to find the right tree to remove the bark from. It takes them two days to do this even with the help of modern technology. It would have been so hard to do this back in the old days. They don’t want to hurt the tree so after they take the bark off they pain the tree with ochre so it won’t die. Once they do this they cut the canoe to the size they want and use logs to shape it and dry it over a fire. Then they paint it and it’s finished. I think they are happy that they have learnt something from their past that hasn’t been done in over 150 years.

100 word challenge


Ben came over and had a play date. We went out side and played soccer. I kicked the ball and it hit the wall and it went through the wall?! I was really confused. So i went through and i ended up in the 1980’s when my Mum and Dad were born then Ben appeared behind me. He said “Where are we?” ” I don’t know i think we’re in the past” i said. I didn’t know what to do, i tried walking back through the wall but it didn’t let me. I asked some one and they didn’t listen. I WAS TRAPPED WITH BEN!