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Hi Senada,

I am the oldest child in my family, I have a 6 year old sister called Charlotte and a baby brother called Rafael. My Mum stays at home and looks after us kids and my Dad works as a Physiotherapist. Not many people know that i was born in Italy and lived there for 2 years. I moved to Australia when i was almost 2 with my Mum who is Australian and my Dad who is half Italian and German. We joke that we are a rainbow family. We go back to Italy for holidays all the time. We went to Italy, France and Hong Kong last year in the Christmas holidays, it was cold and sometimes snowing. My cousins Kye and Taj also came with us with their Mum, which was so much fun!

My favorite thing to do is fishing. My mum says its because River is my middle name. I love going up to my Poppy’s house in Nothern NSW becuase he lives on an island and i can go fishing all the time and catch flathead. My Mum knows how to cut them up and cook them, she calls herself Rex Hunt.

I like to draw and people say i’m good at it. My favorite books to read are Dragon Blood Pirates.

Some of my favourite things are; the colour green, pizza, playing xbox, roblox, and watching youtube.

I play soccer on the weekend and do swimming on Tuesdays.

I had a pet Yabby and his name was Mr Crabs, he was the coolest pet ever!



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  1. I love Italy! Where in Italy did you travel to? I visited Italy last year. I went to Rome, Venice, Milan, Lake Como, Sorrento, Capri and Florence. It was beautiful!

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