Hong Kong


First I went on the plane to Hong Kong. Whiell I was on the plane I played Minecraft on my iPad. Then we landed in Hong Kong. When  we reached the hotel there was a crismis tree. I found $1 on the  ground. When my Dad said up the sters or elavater. I chose sters but I shod of said elavater because my room was 20 😮 . The next day we went to disney land. I saw Donald Duck, Ploto, Goofe, Miney and Mickey… the last perade was frozen my sisters faveret. My faveret was Lighting Meacwen in the dark. It was a long egsosting osem day. When I went bake to the hotel I fell asleep. The next day me and my Dad went to the big booda. Before we went on the boat we saw crabs, octepos… when we reached there we were erly so we had mcdonalds and wated. When we were on the bus we saw bulls and cows. Then we were there first we saw a dog sleeping in front of sumeone praing. Then we walced up the long, long, long stares and we were finale there. Then the next day we were going on the plane agen to Italy.




Soccer training



I started soccer training last weekend. I saw sum of my school friends there, Zedakai, Roy and Atticus. We did sum skill training and then at the end we were put into teems and played a match. My teem wan 3-0! 🙂 GOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!! During the game i got kicked in the leg and now i have a brooz. So my mum toke me to kmart to buy shin pads.

Hello world!


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