my poet

I am the boy who likes soccer. I am the big brother who gets annoyed by my little sister. I am the  minecraft expert who wins most minecraft rounds. I am the boy who likes drawing. I am the friend who has fun. I am the boy who likes fishing. I am Byron

Feedback – Charles

I found it interesting when  Mietta mentioned that she thought the mom was the main character because she was the one whose eye’s we were seeing the story through. I thought Laurie was the main character because he was coming into the story a lot and we heard his name a lot.   I found…

Charles – 5 Facts of Fiction

Charles By Shirley Jackson Fact#1: Laurie is the main character and he invents another character who is Charles but Charles is just himself. Laurie is a naughty kid that is always being rude at home and at school. Fact#2: Laurie wants to tell his parents about school but he doesn’t want to get into trouble…

Read like a writer

Eleven   1. IDEAS: The writer was writing about a girl turning 11 and how the girl doesn’t feel like she is 11.  Making the story interesting by adding birthdays and how old you are. 2. ORGANIZATION: The story starts with the main girl turning eleven and then it adds in her friends and school….

BTN Funding Schools

School is pretty expensive to run you have buildings, equipment and teachers all there to make sure great education but who pays for all that? Private schools generally charge more for money. Private schools get more money from the government than the Public schools.